Legacy and Destiny

    As a young woman, Elizabeth Armstrong sacrificed her own promising political career to marry Peter Armstrong, a prominent, fast-moving Texas senator, and support his presidential ambitions.

    A mysterious accident kills her husband and ultimately propels Elizabeth into the race for president of the United States. When political journalist Jack Bradshaw investigates the senator’s death, he uncovers intrigue, Afghan drug money, and other ties to Elizabeth’s political opposition. How far will her opponents go to stop her? The treachery culminates on the eve of the election, as Elizabeth’s strength and integrity prevail in a stunning climax unprecedented in American politics.

    “Fast-paced, gripping, and suspenseful. Readers will be uplifted from their present jaded attitude towards politics as this strong female candidate triumphs over deception and danger.”
    –Valerie J. Harrod, Director, Durham, Connecticut Public Library

    “Never far from Elizabeth’s mind, woven smoothly into the fast-moving narrative, is the unsolved mystery of her husband’s death. Reading the book is like going to a movie. I can’t wait to see who is cast in the starring roles.”
    –Ann Brebner, casting director, San Francisco

    “A fine campaign story, with just enough political conspiracy to keep it interesting.”
    Dead Trees Review