Nothing Is Secret

    On her way to the rally launching her candidacy for president of the United States, the private jet of Connecticut Governor Suzanne Strozza crashes, injuring her critically, taking the life of her disaffected husband, and shattering her dreams.

    In the months that follow, Suzanne struggles to recover from her injuries and rebuild her life. She accepts that her political career is behind her, and grows closer to her teenage son. A journalist with whom she had a brief romance in college resurfaces in her life, and they marry. Randy loves and supports Suzanne in ways her first husband never could. Still, she decides not to tell him about her abortion at age nineteen—and that he was the father of the child.

    Nothing Is Secret is the story of a woman facing a profound crisis when the stakes are at their highest. Three years after her accident, key members of the Republican party seek out Suzanne to make another bid for the presidency. She accepts the challenge, running on a pro-life platform. When the news of her abortion emerges late in the campaign, she is forced to face point-blank the choices that shaped her life—and to fight for both her candidacy and her marriage.